hello everyone, we are planning a great festival.

Since a few years we are ripping off our asses to realise this project.

But we have a problem.

There is the risk that Monis Rache 2018 will be destroyed.

Regarding to some people, who want to enter the festival without a ticket: We clearly say NO, this aint gonna work.

Our infrastructure is by far not capable of handling this.

If the number of people who are coming is higher than the tickets we‘ve sold, there wont be enough water, not enough food and not enough toilets for all.

There is the risk that the festival will be stopped by the police.

This would mean the financial collapse for the whole project.

We clearly say: there were enough chances to get involved.

There were enough chances to get a damm cheap ticket.

We put up a fence around the whole area and we are going to make sure that the festival is going to happen like we planned it.


For a Moni in 2019 for us and for you!

+++SOLD OUT+++

With tickets being sold out we have reached the maximum capacity and size of the festival for this year. Please refrain from arriving without a ticket. There will be no box office.

The amount of tickets being sold is calculated in respect to the capacities of our infrastructure. The estimated amount of required (drinking-)water, showers, toilets but also the size of the floors, the camping-area, amount of food-booths, size of awarenessteam, amount of security, paramedics etc is aligned to the amount of tickets. More people on the festival area means a worsened experience for all the guests and a bad situation for us.

Monis Rache on her third iteration!

July 19th – 22nd marks the third iteration of the collectively organised culture and music festival at Tutow’s airfield.

The website is now filled to the brim and we hope that you will be able to get all the info that are relevant to you & us. If any questions remain unanswered send us a message at kontakt@monisrache.wtf.

Rules of Conduct

At Monis Rache nobody will pinch your nipples - unless you want it.

But to create a positive experience for everyone, a few important things need to be pointed out: No racism, no sexism, no homo- or xenophobia and no other group focused enmity!

Wearing nationalist, racist, sexist, homo-hostile etc. symbols or brands which embody those ideologies, will lead to expulsion from the festival (and you will have to leave the festival-site immediately).

Please pay attention to other people's privacy when taking pictures. It is everybody's right to remain anonymous. Make sure to only take photos of people who are aware of being photographed and want to be in the picture. Avoid taking pictures of the crowd altogether as you can’t possibly ask everyone in your shot for consent.

Recommended conduct

Our society bears some rules, some which of a racist or sexist nature. As we would like to do away with such predominant conditions, and have yet to find out to achieve this by different means, we impose our own set of recommendations regarding your manners at the festival.

One such recommendation is a plea to all Cis-men to not go topless at our festival. For that we have received some resistance, which we above all welcome. Each attempt of change also brings its opponents. This is normal and necessary for any critical discourse. We are happy about justified and well-intended criticism, as with the help of such suggestions we can work for better solutions. Reactionary slurs, however, are unconstructive bar-room cliché and thus unwanted.


We all wish for a festival at which all persons can feel safe and pleasant, while breaking out of the monotony of society and be part of something different.  Unfortunately, however societies dynamics of power cannot be left at the gates to the premises. Here as well discriminatory behaviour, stepping over one’s boundaries or otherwise shitty behaviour are possible. All of us are responsible for a respectful and mindful treatment of each other. Therefore, please be aware that all of us have different boundaries and take care of each other! During the festival there will be an Awareness-structure (infrastructure, volunteers, helpers, team, …?) I you feel unpleasant, wish to talk, or need help in dealing with situations that have either hurt you or crossed your boundaries, please come around! Also if you are witnessing situations that appear odd to you but you don’t know how to act, you can come to us.


Monis Rache is no place for children - there won’t be any child-safe refuge or supporting structures for families. We’re working on improving this for next year but until then absolutely no children are allowed on the entire premises (festival and camping grounds). Please respect this decision and don’t get us into the predicament of having to refuse you entry because you arrived with children anyway.


Please don’t try to make yourselves big landowners after arriving at the camping area - there’s enough space for everyone. Putting up your friends’ empty tents is no better than marking a beach chair as your possession with a towel. Please be solidaristic whilst utilizing the camping area. We don’t want a “First come, first serve.”-mentality. Don’t immediately isolate yourselves from your neighbours at arrival. Join your camps, move your tents once again if you realize you don’t need the space. Those that have various understandable reasons for arriving a bit later will be grateful.

It is possible to access the camping area with a RV or Trailer. We also ask you to not bring any pets! If you see dogs on the premises they belong to people that for weeks participated in the setup of the festival. Please understand this discriminatory treatment. Besides the so-called Dixi’s there is a toilet house and showers facilities. The festival grounds are not free from barriers.

Supply of Water and Goods

Water: Drinking water is available for free, only on the festival grounds though. The camping area will be provided with well water, which we cannot declare as drinking water.

Food: As usual there will be several vegetarian/vegan food stands. Also, this year, we will make sure that food is available around the clock.

Kiosk: The Kiosk provides various useful things, which are likely to be either forgotten, lost or depleted. What you don’t get there you will get at the supermarket in Tutow.

Central square

A centre for encounter, exchange, theatrical play and performance. It is the centre stage of Moni’s examination of the real life. Like in every village the whole purpose is to exchange experiences, knowledge, sciolisms, secrets and gossip. Here Moni shows her rebellious face and ponders about coexistence, communication, and change through the means of action and uprising. Through workshops, presentations, info material regarding political topics, a critical reflection of the real-life’s that had been left behind will be enabled. The central square offers a space of diversion – from everyday lives and the hedonistic festival atmosphere. The vivid hustle and bustle won’t stop here, but will carry a different vibe. During the day we gear up for the fuss and during the night we follow provocative performances and exchange ideas boozing by the campfire. For that not to be impeded by any material reality, food and drinks will be available at the central square. The collectives that are contributing to this constellation are: the Schnapskiste, the Awareness-Team, the Infopunx Kiosk, Sonics Psycare (psychedelic ambulance), a KüfA, an Infomarkt with stalls & silk-screen printing, as well as the Workshop-Crew.

More detailed information regarding the program is expected to be available on the website by May.

Privacy Policy